Saturday, November 17, 2012

LES KRIMS: Sex and Outrage

 FallFargo Avenue, Buffalo, New York
 The Static Electric Effect of Minnie Mouse on Mickey Mouse Ballons

Les Krims is a conceptual photographer that's been conjuring outrage and and titillating the rest of us since the 1960's. He's been denounced by the ethically righteous, feminist elites and anti-porn groups.  Occupying some awkward place between fantasy and hallucination, his photographs seemingly expose something almost more-real or perhaps, more-honest than the immediately perceptible world, despite being called 'fictions'.  Either way, Krims has been pretty damn good at pissing people off - in 1971 a Memphis man kidnapped a boy, demanding that four Les Krims photographs be removed from a local exhibition (the kidnapper was successful) and in 1980 feminist Nikki Craft destroyed a series of his prints and poured chocolate syrup on them (you can read her reasoning here).  

The 4 manipulated Polaroids above (X-70 photographs, altered while they're still wet) were originally published in his 1975 bookFictcryptokrimsographs: A Book-Work, (Humpy Press).   He's additionally published  numerous books of photography, which I highly recommend looking up if these images get you hot, or at least curious.

For more of Les Krims photographs and text written by the artist visit his website

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